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    Reflect Reimagine

    Transforming Lives and Business


    Reflect ReiMAGINE


    REFLECT REIMAGINE COACHING is a team of highly skilled certified professionals and emotionally fit horses dedicated to transforming lives and businesses through equine assisted ground activities,  HeartMath® techniques and technologies, and Co-active coaching. The herd and I are here for you. We listen so You are heard.​

    meet the team


    Machel Jordan

    As a certified CTI, Breakthrough, and licensed HeartMath® Coach, Machel incorporates evidence based HeartMath® techniques and technologies with Equine Assisted Learning activities in her transformational resilience coaching process. Individuals and groups develop coherence skills which allow greater access to heart intelligence. When heart intelligence guides the mind for authentic solutions to personal and organizational challenges, flow occurs. She listens, hears and sees you.

    The power of the horse

    The Reflect Reimagine horses meet participants where they are through matching and mirroring participants energetics and body language. The Spanish horses are  Columbian Paso Finos known for their emotional sensitivity which supports immediate feedback in their interactions with people. They have been participating in equine assisted learning activities for two decades. They love what they do and love people. 

    "Everyone needs to take this workshop. The facilitators spoke so well and had a great understanding of their subjects. I am spurred to learn more and start some of the practices in my life. Concentrating on strengths is powerful!!!"


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