Discover core beliefs, shift undesired patterns, and achieve desired outcomes.

Coaching packages

Reflect Reimagine Coaching serves you through transformative breakthrough coaching skills, which can be combined with taking it to the horse through EAL (equine assisted learning) activities and HeartMath® techniques and technologies. 


Horses live in a state of coherence. They are honest, present, mirror you as you are, and match you energetically.  Horses notice everything, and everything means something. These powerful, sensitive beings help bring awareness to human doings' patterns and blindspots triggering aha moments giving profound, informed choice to change.


HeartMath is a scientifically based process that brings coherence to our predominantly incoherent lives. Through learning HeartMath® resilience building techniques, including how to disrupt mind chatter (our best thinking...), you begin engaging heart intelligence informing the mind, instead of vice versa, for a more wholistic quality of life. 

Packages are in increments of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.


We customize coaching, equine-assisted activities and HeartMath® techniques for small businesses, organizations, and corporations. 


We customize coaching, equine-assisted activities and HeartMath® techniques for individuals and small groups. Retreats take place at Reflect Reimagine Ranch for either 2 to 7 days.  The ranch guest casita accommodates 6 retreat participants. 

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