Transformation Resilience Coach

Combining the process of EAL (equine assisted learning) activities and HeartMath® techniques and technologies, individuals and groups discover core beliefs and mindsets, learn resilience building techniques, and learn how to disengage mind chatter (our best thinking...) to engaging heart intelligence informing the mind in a safe non-judgmental environment. These experiences and practices support a wholistic quality of life.

Business Coach

We customize equine-assisted activities and HeartMath® techniques for small businesses and corporations. Through herd behavior, horses demonstrate team roles, cooperation, collaboration and authentic leadership. Horses facilitate participant experiences about presence in the moment, clarity, intention, focus, trust, boundaries, and individual roles which benefit the whole. HeartMath® techniques teach resilience and how to access authentic heart guided decisions informing the mind. The combination of processes and integration of the experiences inform and empower best practices and solutions improving work environments, positively transforming organizations, and ultimately the bottom line.

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